Life update – Not blogging alot lately.

Up & Down


Lately, I have “stopped” blogging , posting on Insta or making videos.  I have those mood swings , since January to be honest , where Im depressed and happy one day , then something happens (even the littlest things) , then every falls down. I had problems with my resident permit , I am still scared not to be taken in University next year , I have some courses I need to repass in my old univerisity in France , and Im scared I would fail those re-exam again, my mood swings influences my studiying program alot, meaning that If im not in the “right mood” for studying then I will procrastinate, which is funny because when it comes to work out , I am very severe to myself , I push myself to go EVERYDAY , because I know my dream body is close and if I give up now , everything i have been doing for 1 year , would have been for nothing. Still money problems, I live on my boyfriend’s scholarships, simply because I didn’t get a job , I don’t speak danish , so It’s very hard to find anything here … even if EVERYONE HERE said that I would find something fast .. lol look at me now …

Moreover , I have to take an english exam asap to prove , Im not dumb …Funny enough , I took an English test called TOEFL ( 200€ .. yeah ) , and I got 82/120 , I was supposed to get at least 88/120 to be even “considered a candidate” in my university … This is the part where I feel like a HUGE FAILURE. Everything I start , I never go fully ’til the end. There is always something blocking me, even myself.

Because of all of that , I am currently not in the mood to write or even make funny videos. I want to create a great content on Instagram, with nice photos, not just “clickbait” photos I did. I have no motivation for these things.

It is truely hard , to change your habits and who you are.  I know it is for the best , procrastination is bad but I just can’t help it sometimes it’s beyond me. I am far from my family , you might as well ask , why the fuck I am here. I ask that question to myself all the time, thank god my boyfriend is here. I feel like Im a bit harsh with him sometimes , like I feel bad , whenever I don’t do what he asks me , because he offers me so much … I don’t know.

I am the kind of person who thinks ALOT … too much. All I want right now is to be accepted to university (if possible second year) , to successfully pass my courses left, get a job in July , get that PERFECT BODEYY, See my family this summer.  Money – Study – Family.  Thats all I want and I need.

Sorry for that big novel  but I had to give an update , and to write it down really makes me face my problems and find a solution to fix them ASAP !!!! ❤

Aalborg – April 2017

Life update #2

On this November 6th. Things have moved a little since my last life update … if you don’t follow me on Instagram , you might still be stuck from when I was not even in Denmark yet…

On this November 6th. Things have moved a little since my last life update … if you don’t follow me on Instagram , you might still be stuck from when I was not even in Denmark yet.

After 2 months here , I couldn’t join a study because I did pass the “TOEFL” test , which is an english certification test for universities , to certify your english level.

In September When we moved to Aalborg , we didn’t have an appartment yet , we were just praying for one. Until then , we had to stay in a hostel with 4 other students ALL WAITING FOR AN APPARTMENT TOO ! We were both pissed and I was sad because this isn’t what I signed for you know ? I was excepting at least a private room or something… I thought we were 100% to get a place before he starts studies when I left Lyon I was VERY WRONG , I didn’t understand how the system worked . Anyways , we figured out that he would live with his sister (she is in Aalborg but in a 20m² appartment) and me with his mom, she lives 1h30 away from Aalborg , so it was not THAT BAD, we would see eachother every week end. SO , after this , we moved from the hostel let’s say … 5h after we came ? we took a cab and went directly to a hotel “Jomfru Ane Hotel” , very nice hotel in the “bar/party” street haha ! We had the breakfast with the room for free , so we hung out the first day around Aalborg , the second day , my boyfriend had to go to school , so I spent the whole day with his lovely sister , we got to know eachother a little bit more, it was a really nice day ! After this , we drove to his mom’s house , where I actually stayed 1 month ! I enjoyed being there , I got to know his mom ALOT ,she is a wonderful woman, I am so grateful I could stay there for a month.

1st of October , I go to my boyfriend’s dad’s house to pack up everything so the day after we could live early and get THE SHIT DONE FAST haha !

2nd of October, living for Aalborg , 3 hours drive … I basically slept the whole time haha. Finally there ! No a fan of the building , but the appartment is nice , simple and a big closet  ! So no problemo , but no time! We all go to IKEA , to shop furniture and stuff  … THE MOST EXCITING MOMENT OF MY LIFE MUHAHAHAH !!! It reminds me when I was little with my cousin we would love shopping for cooking stuff etc… I couldn’t be happier at this time to see this thing happen ! Am I overreacting or … ?? haha , we stayed there 2 hours , got a bed , a desk .. READY TO START THIS LIFE ! It took us 2 days to unpack everything and make it look great ! (here is some photos)


I got my fitness subcription for the month, I must pay full price (50€) since I don’t have a CPR yet !

1st November, papers filled up for my registration in Denmark, after that I can finally be like a danish citizen  , I filmed my first video for Youtube ! I need to edit it and change few little things , it’s just going to be an introduction video. I will let you guys know when it’ll be uploaded ❤

Life update

I spent 10 days in the west coast of France a cute place called Biscarosse. You might have seen it on my Instagram few photos of this place…

I spent 10 days in the west coast of France  a cute place called Biscarosse. You might have seen it on my Instagram few photos of this place. I cut off with social media and blogging , I have so much going on in my life that everything was pissing me off and stressing me out. Im moving out to Denmark with my boyfriend , I dont know if I can study there yet , If I cant then I will try to find a work since the life is very expensive over there.

Since I don’t speak Danish it would have to be an only english speaking jobs which is even harder. To be honest ,  I will have alot of time so I thought about finally make a Youtube channel, it is something I have been thinking and I am ready for it.

I will keep you guys in touch with everything in another post , here is few photos of this place ❤️


Kitty Adoption

Few days ago , we adopted a cat at the French PETA called SPA…

Few days ago , we adopted a cat at the French PETA called SPA.


It was a gift for my ant , she lost her dog after 10 years , she was very depressed afterwards so my dad decided to we should adopt a cat for her , since we knew that she didn’t care if it was either a dog or cat. For a 50th birthday , we surprised her with a cute ginger kitty ! We had the choice between a girl or a boy , both super cute and nice *.*

It was so hard to choose ! But we took the boy , I swear I wanted to adopt both. It opened up my eyes on adoption in associations. In a case where you can choose , please adopt throught an association , your animal will be vaccinated and identified (tatoo or electric puce), the SPA offers the castration , it usually costs 50-90€ for a cat and depending on the sex. Here you pay 90€ for a kitten , healthy and ready to enjoy his/her new life ! Since few years , I am more and more concerned about Animals condition and I deeply think we have alot of work to do concerning animal rights …

He looks sad but the second you pet him , he would play with your finger and purr *.*

Support PETA and any kind of animal recue association for a better world ❤




I just hit the 50 followers on my blog 😀😀😀😀😀! 

  For my blogging friends , we know how hard it is to be known and get attention from people.
I am happy to hit this number within a year ! 

Thank you for following me, I am still learning alot , I try to improve myself with every advices possible ❤️💋


Mélanie ❤️


My parents bought me a week-end at Disneyland Paris for my 20th birthday ! It was really good , obviously crownded as always , but magical ! I love the atmosphere !

To be honest , the lines for the main park were very LONG , we waited 1h30 for the Indiana Jones rollercoaster , even though it was my first lil loop, it was hard to wait. After this we were exhausted haha , we watched the 2 parades , the disney characters parade and the disney princesses parade , I loved it ! I didn’t stay for the fireworks , at 22H we were at the hotel room watching TV ! I love the Disney atmosphere , we felt like it was somewhere else , the details for each “world” is deeply researched , I LOVE IT. (psycho)

The second park , Disney Studio was really nice , not very crownded , less attractions but it was good , we took a fastpass for the Hollywood Tower attraction , after this we walked around and decided to do the Rock’n’roll rollercoaster … WHAT A MISTAKE , I THOUGHT I WOULD DIE , Adrenaline is not my friend , I hate this feeling , the first part was so fast we couldn’t here anyone scream at the start and obviously one big loop MEHHHH. I had to sit down few minutes after it to get over it hahahah. We did few attractions around , they’re all nice for any ages. I truely recommand this park if you want to spend a morning or an afternoon at an amusement park. I loved the studio atmosphere , it truely felt like a real one.

I took some pictures of both parks , not in the attractions of course : NO TIME. I had to convert them (because it’s a dumb CR2 format , if you have advices about that PLEASE TELL ME) so the quality is not the BEST, but I’ll post some of them on Flickr soon , so the quality will be optimum. I let you check out my beautiful mosaïc because 4 pics aint enough ;D




For a month , i’ve been drinking matcha tea 3 times a week, and thanks to website and lovely wikipedia , I can talk to you about the health benefits of matcha tea and my impressions about it …

For a month , i’ve been drinking matcha tea 3 times a week, and thanks to website and lovely wikipedia , I can talk to you about the health benefits of matcha tea and my impressions about it !

So Let me introduce you what is the matcha tea and its health benefits

What is the matcha tea ?

“Matcha is finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea. It’s special in two aspects of farming and processing: The green tea plants for matcha are shade-grown for about three weeks before harvest, and the stems and veins are removed in processing [..] Matcha is made from shade-grown tea leaves also used to make gyokuro. The preparation of matcha starts several weeks before harvest and can last up to 20 days, when the tea bushes are covered to prevent direct sunlight […] It can take up to one hour to grind 30 grams of matcha !”

I had no pure explanation , to tell you how it is made , that’s why I quoted the definition and what is this tea !

The benefits of matcha tea ?

  • Is packed with antioxidants including the powerful EGCg
  • Boosts metabolism and burns calories
  • Detoxifies effectively and naturally
  • Calms the mind and relaxes the body
  • Is rich in fiber, chlorophyll and vitamins
  • Enhances mood and aids in concentration
  • Provides vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc and magnesium
  • Prevents disease
  • Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar


health_benefits_matcha_tea health_benefits_of_matcha_tea3



nutrition_info_matcha_tea1 energy_booster


To be honest , I didn’t like it first , I would put too much powder and it would taste like spinach , when you drink it would still be powdery in your mouth , very disagreeable. For a cup you need to put one tablespoon of Matcha then warm water , toss it, and its ready to consume ! For the weird taste I put one lemon tea bag in my matcha cup and it would taste good !!! I advice you to put whatever you like as tea so you could drink it. PLUS , put a little less than 1 tablespoon in your cup because at the end of your beverage it would taste very powdery , either this or you can add some water at the end to get extra matcha 😉 !

Moreover , Matcha powder is very sensitive to light , it would ruin it if you don’t protect it from the day light, plus to conserve the powder put it in your freezer (Japanese people do that).


They are many “fake” Matcha tea , so I advice you to buy only organic ones. Plus , the price is expensive , I paid 9€ for 50g.

I just wrote “Matcha tea” , I found bunch of websites so I guess you can find it everywhere. I suggest you to look on the Matchasource website (here) for more info plus they sell their one Matcha tea ! 🙂

Have you ever tried Matcha ? Did you like it ?


Today , I was going to the grocery store , when I saw an association called ” Liberté sans frontière / Freedom without borders” ….

Today , I was going to the grocery store , when I saw an association called “ Liberté sans frontière / Freedom without borders with 3 big trolleys full of dog food. They would just ask for few different things such as : Food for puppies and elder dog, snacks, collars, leashes, care products, pest….

Donation doesn’t cost much , especially dog food, so I went in the store , then I bought a 4kgs package :

PURINA FRISKIES BALANCE FOR ACTIVE                                                DOGS

I paid 5,30€/$5,90 for the package that can feed many dogs or one dog for many days. I am a very sensitive person and when it comes to animals I have alot of compassion probably more than Id for a human to be honest. I think that animals are a conscious and also that their lives are worth as much as humans. Animals didn’t ask to be mistreated who deserves that ?! No one , either humans or animals. Would you abandon your kid on a road ? NO ! It sounds impossible ! But Why and How could you do that to your pet ? I still don’t understand how ignorant people can be. I’m not a veggie , I don’t support mistreatment during and before the felling. Im a pet lover and horse rider, I give 5€ each months for a different Pet association each month, I deeply advice you to donate or even take some of your time to help an association.But you can find one near your home, I invite you to check out the PETA Website 🙂 

Cinnamon rolls : THE FAIL (BLOG)

When you cook something and then you fail and then you get pissed off

So yesterday I wanted to make some cinnamon rolls because it’s so good and it reminds me of my christmas in America with my American family <3. And well I failed at it or THE RECIPE MADE ME FAIL !

I’m a good cook, I mean I know what to do , Im not a random beginner , so I wrote on google “Cinnamon Rolls Recipe” , I clicked on the website called “foodnetwork”, I looked at it , it seemed pretty awesome ! So I started , but STOP ! ITS CUPS NOT GRAMS AAAAHHH I hate it , why can’t they have an automatic  conventer , I don’t know , it’s so annoying when you’re not American to convert everything to grams or mililiters. So I spent 15 minutes trying to figure out all of this ! After this I finally started , blablabla everything is ok , except one thing , I feel like the dough is a bit greasy but I thought it was normal so I let it in the hoven around 50° so it would double size faster (I always do that). Afterwards ; I spread it on a pan and guess what; ITS GREASY !! Like I usually put less butter that is written in the recipes, but there I wanted to be a good brainless cook for some reasons , and THATS THE RESULT , after this, I watch a video on Youtube about how to make cinnamon rolls , the recipe IS WAY BETTER AND DIFFERENT , then I put the sugar and cinnamon , and I try to roll it but its just s**t , I got so pissed off , because I followed perfectly the recipe and it gives me that greasy dough , I cut it and its so very much SOFT ! I was like “HOW CAN THEY GET 4.5/5 ON THAT SH***Y RECIPE !”.  I didn’t do any glaze or whatever I don’t like it so much, I put it in the hoven and it looks like this :


Instead of this (I called it “foodnetwork imagination)


Big difference right ? Yeah , and it tastes good but the dough is non-existing. So yeah , basically next time i wanna bake cinnamon rolls , I will watch that video on Youtube (link below)

Foodnetwork Cinnamon Rolls recipe (CLICK)

Awesome Cinnamon Rolls recipe on YOUTUBE (CLICK)


Make it yourself and tell me what do you think 🙂