IVY PARK /New collection SPRING 2017

First and Foremost, CONGRATS BEYONCE FOR YOUR TWINS !!!! ….



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First and Foremost, CONGRATS BEYONCE FOR YOUR TWINS !!!! This is very exciting, I admire her as an artist , Fashion Designer and simply humain being. She is so inspiring , that’s why I want to talk and show you her new collection. I love her brand, based on sportswear since I love fitness.

This collection , is based on flowers, kaki and orangy. Not a fan of the color, but I like the style.

You can purchase her new collection in Norstrom, TopShop or Zalando (Europe) 


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What do you think about her new collection ?


My Workout Routine

Hi fashionistas,

If you follow my Instagram , you might have seen me in work out clothes posing in front of a mirror ahaha ! well I started this routine a month ago. You may wonder WHY ?



Well I’ve always wanted to lose that lil belly fat I have , aka the “life buoy” (am I the only one to think its a weird word ? xD) I used to do diets and pure bodybuilding exercices no cardio , which didn’t make any sense , I would eat 600kcal a day and do 2 min of planking and lower belly exercices for 2 minutes too. I went down to 54kgs for 1m75 and I still had that belly fat, after 3 weeks I couldn’t do more , I was tired and hopeless , I was OBVIOUSLY doing everything wrong. So after few months , I decided to sign up to a gym , I visited that place. It’s a french gym / fitness line called “Amazonia”

salle-de-sport-amazonia-bourgoin-jallieu-20141021_0 (1)

The lady at the reception is also a fitness coach she gives different kinds of work out in groups, she was very kind and fun fact , when I visited the place there was a promotion which helped me alot to make this decision (I only paid 50€ for the subscription instead of 150€) , 3 days after , I came to subscribe and she said ” I knew you’d come back !” hahaha Did I look this interested ?

Anyway, right after this , I had to make a plan. I know myself , I know that if I’m not rigorous aka GO EVERYDAY or miss a day , I’d not have the faith to go back.

So I go everyday except the friday because I have school from 12-20 and my body needs to rest.  I do 1h of cardio not intense because I hate it , I do it progressively. For example, I don’t run , I only do “fast running” up to 7km/h with 10% of slope.I usually work out on 2 different cardio machines , 30 minutes each times. My favourite machines now are the rower machines and elliptical. I love both because it doesn’t feel like I’m burning calories haha , the rower is unbelievable in 10min I burn 100 calories ! I mean WOW ! When I do my cardio session  I try to burn 400 kcal minimum.


When I’m done with the cardio , I build up my muscles. My inner thighs, Abs , Ass and lower back. I don’t do extreme intense too, I don’t wanna hurt myself , I lift around 25 kilos for the inner thighs and 25 kilos for abs , ass and back. I increase the weight if I feel like it is too “easy” or not as hard as it was before. I start on the machines then I take a  fitness mat and plank for 1 minute , and work on my  lower abs for 1-2 minutes. After this it’s only streching and flexible exercices.



A lil coffee and shower then i’m good for the day !

I started eating better but not LESS , I learnt from what I did that frustate your body will make your life so much harder and sadder. I watch what I eat without privating myself either. I don’t care about the scale ! Because muscles are heavier than fat , my body is way more firm , but I am still the same weight as when I started : 60kgs. I’m okey with it ! If there is one advice I could give you , it is to eat better NOT LESS , don’t cut everything “fat” your body NEEDS fat ! And be patient , I hope to get my dream body in June which is 3 months, I started in late January just so you know. I will post an “evolution” selfie on my Instagram when I’ll feel more confident in skin 🙂 ❤

Xoxo ,


If you have any advice , please leave a comment ❤